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Fastarhair flat silk weft extensions for hair wholesaler, hair retailers, hair salons and self-employed business. Fastarhair always adds value and cuts manufacturing cost for every one of our customers. Smallest MOQ and Fastest Delivery.
1.Hair Material: Ethically Sourced Premium Remy Hair. Premium Virgin Cuticle Hair also available.
2.Hair Ratio: Double Drawn.
3.Hair Length: 20″.
4.Feature: Professional salon quality hair. For other features, please check
5. Why more and more customers like Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions? Because:
   1). Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions has No Return Hair.
   2). The top weft section is extrmely Flat.
   3). There is soft and very thin silk sewned on the top weft section. It makes the using way very simple and flexible.
Regarding the using method of flat silk weft hair extensions, just search “how to use flat silk weft hair extensions” on different social media.
One of our customers from Australia successfully increased their business 300% very quickly by fastarhair’s flat silk weft extensions. Fastarhair’s profession always surprises customers.
Fastarhair would like to give any customers professional suggestions on hair products and markets, makes purchasing more safe & simple.
Any questions, please contact Abby. Email: Or Whatsapp: +86-13658698392

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