Custom Hair Toppers

What is a Custom Toppers?

Custom Toppers is a topper which is manufactured by customized cap construction, customized cap size, customized cap shape, customized hair color, customized hair density, customized style.

Customers can choose all of the specifications(cap, color, density and style etc.) fully customized, or can freely choose some of specifications customized.

As custom topper is completely customisable and is created totally from scratch, so each of custom wigs will fit the exact measurement of customer’s head, perfectly match your own hair colors(especially match up with your natural hair line), mostly natural to blend your own hair.

Same as custom toppers.

How to Order a Custom Topper ?

A customer service representative will be in contact with you, after you call us, or send us message on Whatsapp, or email us to order custom wigs.

In order to save time, you can complete the Order Form firstly, then contact customer service representative.

How to get the Order Form? please email, or ask for it by whatsapp: +86-13658698392.

Fastar’s Wig Order Form will help you make your purchasing as easy & simple as possible.

Custom Hair Topper

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