Welcome to Fastarhair

About Us

Fastarhair always keeps an eye on market trends of human hair extensions and wigs, and supply our customers most popular hair extensions and wigs in the worldwide market.  

Fastarhair pays more attention to each unique requirement of our customers carefully, professionally provide reliable, competitive and personalized business solutions for each customer.Our goal is to help our customers grow their business.

“In-fashion manufacturing, Innovation and Top-ranking Quality” is our business core. We appreciate each order our customers gave us, and reward our these cherished friends with high-end quality hair products, perfect workmanship, excellent service beyond their expectations and shortest delivery time. 

Fastarhair is not just your hair supplier only, more to exist as your partner. Everything we done is based on customer’s value, we care what our customers cared, do our best to offer everything which is good for their work, and solve the problems and difficulties our customers meet. We treat each other sincerely and live up to expectations.

Who We Are

In the past 10 or 20 years, we are professional manufacturer only. Because at that time, there are not so many third-party platform, and many social medial are not so popular. It is very easy for us to get many orders. We just only focus on production of human hair products.

With the increasing fierce market competition, we need to change our mind gradually. Now we are not only manufacturer, but also are “Customer or Buyer”. Customer or Buyer means: we assume that we ourselves are customer or buyer.

When we are manufacturer or seller, Market research helps us know which hair product are more and most popular to supply our customers. More than 30 year’s experience on manufacturing with powerful technology, is a big support to our customers without worry on top-ranking quality. In the design new products and production stage, we dedicated to add value and cut manufacturing costs for our customers. Market information sharing and refining the selling point help our customers sell products more quickly. Competitive and personalized business solutions help our customer accelerate career development. In a world, our goal is to make purchasing as simple & safe as possible.

How to do better when we are customer or buyer? Regarding this subject, our knowledge is not enough currently, but we love learning and have been string to learn. We welcome any communication and discussions on such issues. And any of your suggestions and opinions are extremely valueable to us. Let us learn from each other and make progress together.