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Normal Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair Material: Ethically Sourced. Premium 100% Human Hair, Premium Remy Hair, Premium Virgin Cuticle Hair.
Hair Ratio: Double Drawn, Single Drawn, Custom Hair Ratio.

      -Weft: Double layered.

      -Weft combination: Paralel Or Overlap.
      -Clips with a silicone strip won’t damage natural hair or scalp.

       -Flexible and durable.
Clip Set: Customized as customers’ request.
Popular clip set in the market: 5 pieces, 7 pieces or 9 pieces per set etc..
Hair Weight: Customized as customers’ request.
Popular weight in the market: 120g/set – 240g/set.
Hair Length: Customized as customers’ request.
Popular hair length in the market: 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″.
Hair Color: Dark Colors, Brown Colors, Blonde Colors, Balayage Colors, Highlight Colors and Ombre Colors.
Lead Time: 1-3 weeks.
Capacity: 1000kgs each month.
Target Customers: Hair Wholesalers, Hair Retailers, Self-employed Owners, Hair Salons, End-consumer.
Package: Customized as customers’ request.
Packaging: Design Freely.

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