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Custom Wigs

Fastarhair being a Professional Wig Designer since 1984, always offers perfect solutions for hair loss, wig lovers, wig wholesalers, and wig salons, with material of professional 100% virgin cuticle human hair,  the hair can last 1-2 years with proper care.

Professional Wig Styles Design & Powerful Dyeing Technology & More than 100 workers are our strong backing to support customers.

Human hair wigs designed by Fastar are very popular in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and South Africa etc..

Custom Wigs

What is a Custom Wig?

Custom Wig, is a kind of wig that is completely customized and produced according to the customer’s requirements, which will better fit customer’s head size. Compared with instock wigs,  the advantages of custom wigs are:

  1.  Custom your cap construction: 可以定制任何你喜欢的网底结构,cap size完全根据你的数据进行定制,不像库存头套仅有lace top or silk top or mono top, 而且cap size基本就是小号,中号和大号。
  2. Custom Hair Density: 根据你的喜好,定制你的头套密度,100%,130%,150%,180%etc,没有库存头套的固定的密度
  3. Custom hair color, 定制你想要的任何颜色
  4. Custom hair length: 12-30″都可以定制,不会仅限于16 18 20 22等固定的长度
除了上述优点,定制头套的缺点是:时间太长,一般要3-5周的时间,加上delivery time一周,大概要4-6周才可以拿到头套;还有一个就是色差,如果仅仅根据你的图片定制,有可能会出现色差。

How to Custom a Wig?

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human hair wig collection lace top wigs human hair wig

Custom Wigs

Hair Material: Ethically Sourced. Premium 100% Human Hair, Premium Remy Hair, Premium Virgin Cuticle Hair.
Hair Ratio: Double Drawn.

Hair Density: Customized as customers’ request.

Popular Hair Density: 100% ,130% , 150% ,180%.

Cap Construction: Lace Top and back weft.

Lace Material: Swiss Lace or French Lace

Hair Weight: According to the hair length and hair density.
Hair Length: Customized as customers’ request.
10″-26″ are available.
Hair Color: Customized as customers’ request.

Dark Colors, Brown Colors, Blonde Colors, Balayage Colors, Highlight Colors and Ombre Colors are available.
Lead Time: 1-4 weeks.
Capacity: 3000-5000pcs each month.
Target Customers: Hair Wholesalers, Hair Retailers, Self-employed Owners, Hair Salons, End-consumer.
Package: Customized as customers’ request.
Packaging: Design Freely.

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How to Custom Wig?

1.  Wig Cap

2. Hair Layer

3. Hair Length

4. Hair Density

5. Hair Color

6. Hair Material

7. Cap Size: