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Injection PU Flat Silk Weft with Invisible Holes

Hair Material: Regular Human Hair | Premium Remy Human Hair | Premium Virgin Cuticle Human Hair

Hair Ratio: Double Drawn | Single Drawn

Hair Length: 14″-30″

Popular Hair Length: 18″ 20″ 22″

Hair Color: Dark Colors, Brown Colors, Blonde Colors, Balayage Colors, Highlight Colors and Ombre Colors

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks


  -Professional salon quality hair


  -No return hair

  -Can be cut freely and No hair shedding

  -Super flat and natural looking

  -Apply quickly

  -Flexible and durable

Injection PU Flat Silk Weft with Invisible Holes is a type of hair extension that combines Injetion Weft with Flat Silk Weft to create a New thin and flat Weft.

The thin PU material and the invisible holes allow for a discreet integration with your natural hair.

The flat silk weft combines the advantages of Injection PU weft and Flat Silk Weft.

It can be cut from anywhere without shedding. and it has no returned hair.

The holes on PU flat silk weft takes much less time to install than machine weft, flat silk weft and hand tied weft, and one weft can help you create high volume look.

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